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2020 Team Pages

    Summer Season INFO

    We are excited to announce the Prior Lake Boys High School Lacrosse Summer Program information below. Registration is NOW OPEN.  Click HERE to register.  

    Who: This will be open to all those players who were in grades 9-12 during the 2019-20 school year (this DOES include graduated 2020 seniors).

    Coaches: Coach Casey Mithun and the HS staff (up to 5 total)

    Where: Dan Patch Field

    Players can choose to sign up for the practice portion, the tournament, or both.

    Cost: $325
    Dates: July 6th – July 30th
    Days: M, Tu, W, Th
    Time: 5-7 PM at Dan Patch Stadium
    *There will be an evaluation period at the beginning of the session to split the group into 2 teams - JV & Varsity.*

    Cost: $42
    *Both Teams will be playing in the 2020 Minnesota High School Lacrosse Championship Showcase*
    Location: Champlin Park
    Tourney Site:
    Dates: Sat, Aug 1st & Sun, Aug 2nd
    Times: TBD

    Bundle price for both is $350

    To register, click HERE!


    Workout #1

    6 times per week, rest on Sunday

    Run 1 mile, record your time. All 6 times need to be turned in with assignment

    30 sit ups, all the way up

    20 push ups

    20 squats, arms straight out, chest up

    40 jumping jacks

    20 flamingo lunges, 10 each leg, arms straight out, chest up

    40-second plank, back straight

    40-second wall sit, knees at 90 degree angle

    30 crunches, hands on thighs, slide up to knees

    15 burpees, push up position, to standing, to jumping as high as you can

    Get water, do it again - 2 sets per day.

    AND:  15 minute active cradling


    Please see message below from UMLOA Men's Game State Coordinator, Jon Day.

    We are always looking to increase our ranks for officials.  We have a good training program and many of us (me included) have never played in a single game!  I am hoping that you can help get the word out to your programs.

    We find many good officials who really like the game and want to stay involved in some way either while they are playing, coaching or just watching.

    Youth Officials need to be at least 14 years old.  High school players can officiate as well and many do even during the season.   We get many kids coming back from college who pick up games as soon as they get back.  We have even had a few officials do games in KS and WI who are in college.

    Here is some info that we have posted and if anyone has questions, they can always give me a call.

    Here is where they can get info on officiating -

    Here is where the sessions are -


    Jon Day

    2020 Season Starts!!!

    LakersLax Prior Lake Lacrosse LakersLax